Conditioning a new Pioneer biscuit cloth:
Liberally rub flour or biscuit mix onto the surface of one side of a new biscuit cloth.

Using a Pioneer biscuit cloth:
Lightly flour conditioned cloth before each use. Smooth flour (or biscuit mix) evenly across working area for even distribution (this will help dough from sticking to cloth).

Care for a Pioneer biscuit cloth:
Avoid mixing dough over the biscuit cloth to prevent liquid spills that will cause sticking and staining.

Scrape the surface of the biscuit cloth with a bowl scraper to remove bits of dough and excess flour after each use.

After scraping off excess flour, always fold working floured side of the cloth to the inside. Always use the same side of the cloth as the working side.

Store biscuit cloth in a zip-type bag in a clean, dry area.

The biscuit cloth may be washed if excess spills and stains occur. Scrape as much flour off as possible, machine wash in warm water; line dry. Cloth should be washed by itself or with a few towels. Ironing the clean cloth is recommended.