Everybody loves pancakes! Here are a few simple pointers that will help you make perfect pancakes with each batch!

  1. Spray, then towel. After spraying the grill with a nonstick pan spray, lightly wipe the oil across the surface of the grill with a towel. This helps to evenly distribute the oil and heat distribution, resulting in a more uniform color in the finished pancake.
  2. Pour high. When ladling pancake mix onto the grill, fill the ladle, and then pour it from about 10 inches above the grill with a steady motion. This will ensure the pancakes form into nice, even circles.
  3. Watch the edge. The easiest way to tell if a pancake is ready to flip is to watch the edge of the pancake. Once it is no longer shiny, you know that the underside is done, and that it is time to flip your pancake.
  4. Press gently. After flipping the pancake, wait a few seconds and then press the center of the pancake very lightly. This will prevent the doming effect that tend to form in pancakes and will help the stack of pancakes look more uniform.